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Millennium Institute for Languages: American Curriculum, was opened in June 2007 to provide an instructional environment to teach standard American English.

While we believe that learning language through classroom instruction helps English learners develop their linguistic knowledge naturally, we also provide access to native speakers so that learners practice and improve their skills.

So far MILAC has offered a large number of English training courses. Most courses have been communicative in nature, i.e., we help our learners use what they are learning or they have already learned to communicate with their teachers and classmates in English. We believe that all the language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and English grammar should be taught at the same time, and no single skill should be ignored.

MILAC  has worked in cooperation with various local and international organizations to offer complimentary English training courses to people in Kurdistan; In an agreement with the US Embassy in Baghdad, Millennium offered English training courses to hundreds of employees of KRG, Kurdistan Regional Government, as well as students from different institutions and colleges. KRG employees came from many offices like directorates of electricity, education, higher education, municipalities, health, traffic police, security, police, governorate, passport, residence, justice, etc. Within the same project, Millennium recruited students from numerous colleges such as medicine, dentistry, law and political science, sociology, journalism, history, chemistry, biology, physics, geology, etc. In addition, MILAC  concluded another contract with the US Embassy to train dozens of teenage students from disadvantaged families under the ACCESS Micro-sholarship Program. Our institute has also been able to help staff workers from some local companies to improve their linguistic skills, including the United Cement Company which is one of the lead cement factories nationwide. The project lasted two years during which many different workers and engineers could improve their English. In yet another project concluded with UNESCO, we managed to help the local employees from the National Museum of Sulaimaniyah to improve their English during a 6-month program in order for them to be able to do well in English-dominated conversations and tours. Further, we have signed agreements with such oil companies as Oil Search Iraq according to which we have been able to train their local employees improve their English to interact better in an international business environment. 

We strongly support the idea that a friendly environment is a psychologically key element for any educational institution, and developing such friendly relationships has always been encouraged between lecturers and learners on one side and learners themselves on the other side.

MILAC offers English training courses for academic and professional purposes. We use the current textbooks and methodologies of ESL/EFL.

MILAC has helped many of its English learners to reach standards of linguistic proficiency acceptable enough to get good jobs in the local and foreign companies and organizations. Many of our students now work as translators or in other positions that require high proficiency in English.
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