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Khasrow F. Almasi
holds a Master degree in TESOL, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, from the Central Washington University in the USA. He graduated in June 2010.

He attended for one year a graduate TEFL program, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, at Allama Taba Taba'ee University in Tehran, Iran, in 1999.

He studied English translation at Teacher Training University in Tehran, Iran, and graduated in June 1999.

As a TEFL student, he started his favorite career, teaching English, in Payam e Noor, a local university in his hometown, Bokan, Iranian Kurdistan.

In 2003, he opened a language institute in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, called LLI Institute. Here he taught English and managed the English department. A year later, he joined AGEF, a German NGO that offered English courses to KRG employees in Erbil. He started work as a part-time English trainer, but was soon promoted to the position of qualification training coordinator for AGEF offices in Kurdistan Region.

In June 2007, he opened Millennium Institute for Languages: American Curriculum, MILAC, in Sulaimania, Iraqi Kurdistan. Khasrow has been managing the institute and teaching English since then.

As a translator / interpreter, he has worked with many high-profile journals and corporations like The Guardian, Financial Times, and RWF World.

Working with RWF WORLD as the senior project translator, he has been managing and supervising the translation department of this London-based film-making corporation. He has been credited as "Researcher" in the documentary "Saddam's Road to Hell", chosen the year's best documentary on BBC in 2006. The movie was screened on American PBS, and its German version was shown on German ZDF channel.

Khasrow is currently a member of the following associations:
1. TESOL: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages,
2. KAL: Kurdish Academy of Language,
3. IAPTI: International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters,
4. IATIS: International Association of Translation and Intercultural Studies,

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